The common ground of Waiting

Thank you so much for your responses, emails, messages,calls and requests to the King. I am so very glad to let you in. I feel very loved.

After I wrote the previous post and chatted with some different friends about this topic, I kept having this thought: Your waiting is not unique, Ame. Everyone is waiting for something.

Some wait for marriage.

Some wait for grandchildren.

Some wait for a new day.

Some wait for someone to love.

Some wait for weight to drop.

Some wait for food and water and shelter.

Some wait for hugs.

Some wait for redemption.

Some wait for their toddler to poop in the potty (Nooo, not me)

Some wait for death.

Some wait for the rotten pieces of themselves to fall away.

Some wait for Spring even if Winter just walked through their front door.

Some wait for the waiting to be over.

We wait. It is part of the human plight. To wait. To hope. To set our sights beyond this moment. To dream. To look ahead and not behind. To ask. To keep pressing on. But to not be there, yet. To be and not to be all at the very same time. To hang there, in the balance. Sometimes quietly, sometimes rioting, sometimes quietly rioting.

I like the idea of a quiet waiting. A humble posture. It's a nice idea.....and I think I will try to practice it. It seems good for my soul.

" It is good to wait quietly
for the salvation of the LORD."  - Lam 3:26

Meanwhile, as I am waiting, I am enjoying my family. Here's my boys with tub crayons drawing a Christmas tree earlier tonight. All I could do was giggle. Not quietly, either. Very out loud.