The Heart of a Mother

I had the great delicacy of sitting with some of my closest friends in Bowling Green during a wedding reception yesterday. Sans kiddos. Good music. A fruity cocktail or two. We got to talking about the "heart of a mother" and the contradictions that can lie within such a heart.

The Heart of Mother Thought 1 (more to come):

Question: How is that we can feel like we might throw our children out the window due to the level of frustration/anger/provoking but only moments later confide to a friend how much we really want another one?

Answer: It's just the Heart of a Mother.

What moods we mothers hold! What affections! What great levels of emotion all in one heart!

Do you have any "The Heart of a Mother" comments?

(Oh! I've nearly blog has received a candied little award from a friend I'm sure to love but have yet to meet. How sweet.)